Amana Washing machines are one of the popular choices among buyers. They are known for their reliability, affordable pricing, and quality. However, sometimes they do face different issues, which can be pretty annoying.

One such issue is the Amana washer stuck on sensing fill. As a result, the washer doesn’t move to the wash cycle.

The “sensing fill” cycle helps the washer determine how much water to use for each load. The washer does this by measuring the size of the load and the water level. If the washer gets stuck on this cycle, it could be because the load is too small or too heavy or the filter screen is clogged.

So how do you fix this problem of Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill? Well, let’s talk about it in brief below:

Common Causes of a Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

Amana Washer

If your Amana washer is stuck on sensing fill, it’s likely due to a few common causes. It could be an issue with:

  • Blocked water supply
  • Faulty shift acutator
  • Jammed load
  • Faulty motor
  • Blocked inlet switch screen
  • Faulty lid switch

How To Fix Amana Washer Stuck On Sensing Fill?

1. Blocked water supply

A blocked water supply is a common issue when it comes to Amana washers stuck on sensing fill. If your washer is having difficulty filling up, it may be the result of a blocked water supply which in turn causes your machine to be stuck in sensing for more than 5 minutes.  

How to fix it:

To identify this, check the shutoff valve and hoses leading to the machine. If a shutoff valve is closed or a kinked hose is preventing the adequate flow of water to the washer, this could be the cause of the issue.

Additionally, check the water pressure and ensure that it is adequate. If the water pressure is too low, this can also impede the washer from filling up properly.

Taking the time to investigate these possible causes can help you diagnose your Amana washer and get it running again.

2. The faulty Shift Actuator

Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill due to faulty shift actuator

The shift actuator is required to shift between the spin and washing cycles. If this component fails, your washer will not switch between cycles and will most likely remain in the sensing mode and the amana washer will be stuck on sensing fill.

How to Fix it:

Set your Amana washer in diagnostic mode to identify the issue code before concluding that the shift actuator is malfunctioning.

If the diagnostic results confirm this, you should replace the shift actuator. Remove the belt guard to replace it. This will give you access to the faulty shift actuator. You’ll need to unscrew it and then screw in the replacement.

After replacing the Actuator, your Amana washer will go into wash cycle.

3. Jammed Load

If you overload your Amana washer with laundry or if the laundry is out of balance, it may remain in sensing mode. So, before running any diagnostics or thinking for replacements, verify the load.

How to Fix it:

Reduce the load if it is too heavy for the washer. Ideally, you should not fill your washer more than 75 percent of its capacity.

However, if the laundry load is not excessive, check to see if it is correctly balanced within the washer. If it isn’t, rebalance it before spinning the washer.

4. Faulty motor

The motor is another component to consider if your washer is stuck on sensing. It’s possible that your motor is being clogged, preventing it from rotating the tub. In this case, the sensing light will flash continuously, but it will not proceed past the sensing mode.

How to Fix it:

In order to resolve this issue, inspect the motor and attempt to remove any material that is blocking and preventing it from turning. After removing the object that caused the blockage, restart the washing machine and it will resume normal operation.

5. Blocked Inlet screen

It is important to regularly check your Amana washer for any blockages in the inlet screens, as these can cause the washer to get stuck on sensing fill. If a blockage is identified, it should be cleared as soon as possible. 

How to fix it:

To do this, all you need is a small flathead screwdriver and a pair of needle-nosed pliers. First, unplug the washer and remove the hoses from the back of the washer. Then, use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the inlet screens and use the pliers to remove any debris that may be blocking the screen. Once the screen is cleared, reattach the hoses and screws and plug the washer back in. This should allow you to use your Amana washer without any further issues.

6. The faulty lid switch

When your Amana washer is stuck on sensing, check the lid lock of the washer. A broken lid lock generally stops the washer from closing, and if it does, the washer struggles to start. In short, the washer will most certainly remain in sensing mode.

How to fix it:

Set your Amana washer to diagnostic mode to see if the lid lock is the issue. You should replace the lid lock once the self-test (diagnostic) confirms that it is malfunctioning.

Remember that you can use a multimeter to test the lid lock. If there is no continuity, it is defective, and you should replace it with the new one.

7. Water Level Switch Failure

These days, modern washers like Amana come with water level switch. These switches make sure that the water stops filling after a point.

If the switch is faulty, the washer will be stuck in sensing cycle only.

How to Fix:

Use a multimeter to check if the switch is faulty. If the switch is faulty, replace it yourself or take some help. After replacing the switch, your problem will be solved.

8. Defective Fill Sensor

Fill sensor is used in amana washer to detect if the water is being filled in the washer. If it is faulty, washer wont switch to wash cycle and will be stuck in sensing fill cycle.

How to Fix:

You can replace the defective fill sensor with a new sensor. This will help the amana washer switch from sensing fill cycle to wash cycle.

9. Control Board Failure

Amana Washer Control Board

This is one of the most faced issue by Amana washer users. It is the main culprit most of the times why your amana washer is stuck on sensing fill.

Sometimes, the wires are loose or burnt or the whole board stops working.

How to Fix:

Check for loose wires, or burnt wires. If that is the case, tighten the wires or change the burnt wires. If in case, whole board is defective, replace the board and your washer will start washing your clothes just like before.

10. Dirty Washer

Sometimes your Amana Washer will be stuck on sensing cycle because it is too dirty. In that case you need to wash it up to fix it.

How to Fix:

As already told, you need to wash your washer for it to switch to washing cycle. Amana recommends using of Affresh. It is the best washer cleaner in the market. You can read here how to wash your amana washer using Affresh.

After washing your washer completely, check if it switches to wash cycle.

Amana Washer Still Stuck on Sensing Fill? Try these

There are chances that even after trying all the troubleshooting steps, your washer will be stuck on the sensing cycle.

If thats the case, try these methods to unstuck your washer from sensing fill cycle.

  1. Run a Diagnostic on your Amana Washer to know the exact fault.
  2. Reset your Amana Washer to bypass sensing fill cycle.

Now if you are unsure how to run diagnostics or reset your amana washer, read the step by step guide given below.

How to Run Amana Washer Diagnostic?

If you are unable to know why your Amana washer starts filling water and then stops, running diagnostics is the best way to troubleshoot.

Diagnostics will tell you why your amana washer is stuck on sensing fill. Here is how to run diagnostic on your amana washer:

  • Leave your washer on standby (switch off all its lights but don’t unplug it from the power)
  • If any of the LEDs are lighting up, rotate the main knob full circle anti-clockwise to switch them off, and then rest the knob on the normal mode
  • Turn the dial once anti-clockwise, thrice clockwise, once again anti-clockwise, and once clockwise – following the same order.
  • Wait momentarily for your washer to get into the diagnostic mode 
  • You can tell the machine is on diagnostic mode if all the status LEDs turn on
  • Turn the knob one click clockwise and one more time, press ‘START’ and turn the dial one click clockwise (one more time too)

Your washer will go into diagnostic mode and will show you an error code afterwards. Now you can refer to the manual given to you at the time of purchase to know whats causing the error and then fix the washer accordingly.

How to Reset Amana Washer?

Resetting a device is one of the best ways to fix errors in almost any electrical device. You can try resetting your Amana Washer to get rid of the sensing fill cycle.

Here’s how to reset your amana washer.

  1. Power off your Amana Washer.
  2. Now unplug the washer from the switch.
  3. Hold the power button for 5 seconds.
  4. Replug the washer into the switch.
  5. Power your washer back on.

This will most probably bypass the sensing fill cycle and your washer will start working again.

FAQs | Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing

Why isn’t my Amana washer filling up with water?

Check each hose for kinks or jams if the water input hoses are correctly connected to a working water source. These problems can clog the water flow, preventing the washer from starting or filling. 

Is it possible to bypass the washing machine lock?

Turning off the machine at the mains should allow the door lock to cool down, and you should be able to open the washing machine door after a few minutes. Be patient as the interlocks may take some time to release at the end of the cycle.


So that was all for the Amana washer stuck on sensing fill fix. If the above methods don’t fix your issue, you can try resetting the washer. This is a must-do if your washer fails to spin. Alternatively, you can talk to customer support for any further help.

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